Mindy Kaling’s festive sweaters has fans wanting one for themselves – here’s the best dupe we found


Here’s something to include in your Christmas shopping

Has anyone taken a look at Mindy Kaling’s sweaters? Fans can’t get enough of it and has started looking for ones of their own.

The Mindy Project star showed pictures of herself in a cute navy sweater with colorful pom poms in front of a red and green garland, and wore a Santa’s hat to complete the look.

Sharing the picture on Instagram, Mindy, who recently became mother to a boy who she named Spencer, captioned, “It’s the most wonderful time…for the living room.”

Where can you buy the sweaters?


The actress and comedian received a lot of complements for her outfits, with fans saying they wanted to copy her wardrobe as well. Well, those who wanted it are in for a treat, since Mindy’s sweater is still in stock. You can find the sweater on the site of a Brazilian brand called FARM Rio, and it comes with an oversized fit and ribbed cuffs.

If you find the prices on FARM Rio to be a bit over your budget, you can find some other options on ASOS, such as the dupe for Mindy’s jumper, which is available for less than $50.

The Office alumni will have a busy holiday season as she is with her two kids, three-year-old Katherine and little Spencer, who was born in September. Mindy recently shared her inspirations for naming her kids, and they were the legendary Hollywood couple Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

While talking about names, the actress said that if she named her son River, it connotes a certain kind of person who is a ‘go with the flaw’ and ‘artsy’ type, but what if he doesn’t end up like that, and what if he got furious with her? This was her reason for picking classic names.



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