Miley Cyrus talks about experimenting with alcohol and drugs during her ‘Younger Now’ days

The singer said her alcohol and drug intake was higher during her marriage

Miley Cyrus has appeared in the cover of the recent issue of Rolling Stone.

Cyrus, who is no stranger to controversy and was known for substance abuse opened up about her past during the interview, saying things were always different behind closed doors. The media had always determined her mental state based on her appearance, but in 2018, when all looked dandy on the outside, everything was actually the opposite.

Married life

Miley Cyrus talks about experimenting with alcohol and drugs during her 'Younger Now' days 1

Miley got married to actor Liam Hemsworth in early 2018, and referring to it, she said that she had been playing house, which felt really good at the time. Even from the outsider’s perspective, it looked like the newly-married couple was living some fairy tale. But that wasn’t it, as Cyrus states.

She said that her experimentation with alcohol and drugs and the social circle at that time was not fulfilling or sustainable for her to reach her highest potential.

Her own appearance played a part in that as well, as she had changed her pixie cut and grew her hair out. She said that people thought she was “pure” during her “Younger Now” era, which was that 2017 period. She said that the media likes to determine her sanity by checking her hair.

Her marriage also cleared everyone’s doubts and they thought she had settled down properly. Miley said she had lost touch with sanity way more than any other time she got questioned for it. While she added that she doesn’t like guaranteeing things, she is indeed a 100 percent sober currently and had been focusing on it after her 26th birthday. She did admit to drinking during the pandemic but hasn’t done drugs for years. But again, she gives no guarantees that she will be off them forever.



(Cover: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)