Miley Cyrus has always been judged on the basis of her sexuality since she was a kid. Read what she has discussed about it in an interview.


Miley Cyrus has released various facts about how she feels traumatised over her sexuality in an interview. The 28 year old pop star, a former Disney Star and ex-wife of Liam Hemsworth is trending for her new rock album Plastic Hearts. We all know [as her audience or her fans] that Miley has been in lot of media coverages over her sexuality. Moreover, it has not yet stopped, people keep judging her over it somewhere or the other.

However, in an interview with Rolling Stone, she said that, lately she feels that there is a lot of improvement in media coverages.

Miley said that she doubts whether any media now cover any news which slut shame her. She said that she has not encountered any media coverage about her sexuality since very long.

Cyrus was in media coverages even when she and Liam gave divorce to each other. Apparently Cyrus confirmed she is bisexual and cannot stay in the marriage. Certainly, Liam was supportive to her even at the time of divorce.

Anyways, in the interview, Miley said that bow people know who is the victim  and who actually is the enemy. She added further that she know what she is capable of but somewhere she can still feel the trauma. A trauma of being criticised at the age where most of the teenagers are exploring themselves, Miley added.

In the interview, Miley also recalls the time when she was claimed a crazy human being. She said that, she was not able to stay in peaceful mind of state. This is one of the subject she has mentioned in her new song “Angels Like You”.

Above all, Miley is receiving almost positive reviews for her new album “Plastic Hearts”.