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Matthew Perry launches a line of ‘Friends’ merchandise to raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts

Can you BE any more charitable?

Matthew Perry, the man who gave us the sitcom legend called Chandler Bing made an announcement over the weekend saying he’s about to launch some Friends-themed apparel.

Sharing photos of himself and his girlfriend, Perry explained the purpose behind launching the limited-time apparel. He said that the proceeds will be going to the World Health Organisation’s fight against COVID-19.

The clothing range


“What is this, a limited edition t-shirt for charity?” He captioned. He added that the collection will be available for just two weeks. In the image he shared of himself, we see three images of Chandler doing his iconic dance with the quote below, “Could this BE any more of a T-shirt?” written in the classic Friends font.

Apart from the T-shirt, there will also be hoodies, mugs, and baseball caps, all containing Chandler quotes.

The news was shared by the World Health Organisation as well, who retweeted Perry’s original tweet and thanked the actor and ended it with a “We are more than Friends, #WeAreFamily” line.

Friends fans in need of some new merch of their favourite show can check out the items at Perry’s official site.

In other news, the actor got engaged to his partner of two years, Molly Hurwitz in late November, and with launching the limited-time merch, he shared her photos for the first time as well. He shared news of his engagement to PEOPLE Magazine, and said that he was dating the greatest woman on the face of the planet and decided to get engaged. Hurwitz is a literary manager and she confirmed the news on social media as well.

Also, the Friends reunion is scheduled for March 2021, according to Perry’s tweet, so there’s a lot to look forward to.


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