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Marcia Cross and her husband have emerged as winners after battling cancer for a long time. Check out for more information.

It was in 2017 that Marcia Cross got anal cancer and coincidentally, her husband, Tom Mahoney also got diagnosed with cancer eight years ago. Cancer is a really dangerous disease and chances of people surviving it basically depends on their will power. So let’s get deep into the couple’s story and find out what sort of struggles did they suffer during their cancer treatment.

Tom Mahoney and Marcia Cross married each other in June, 2006. Thus, they have been together since a really long time and were in their 40’s when they tied the eternal knots with each other. And just after a year they got blessed with twin baby girls, namely, Eden and Savannah.

When she got her children, Marcia Cross was forty five years of age. However, according to her this moment of her life happened a bit late. She wanted to have kids when she was thirty.

Previously, Cross was married to Richard Jordan. But he was suffering from brain tumor and unfortunately died in 1993. And after that it took a while for the “Desperate Housewives” Star to get over it.

But after her second marriage and having children everything was back on track. However, a few years after, her husband got cancer in 2009 and after that in 2017 even she got diagnosed with the disease. While Tom was the first one to get the disease, Marcia got it through Mahoney’s illness or HPV which happens due to contacting skin of the infected person or even sexual interaction. They had to go through the usual cancer treatment like chemotherapy etc. And both the situations were quite a difficult time for the whole family.

However, both of them fought very bravely and triumphed over the disease and now living a happy life.

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