Maitland Ward From ‘Boy Meets World’ Says She Makes 6 Figures Per Month Through OnlyFans!!!

Maitland Ward is an American explicit entertainer, model, and previous TV entertainer. She played Rachel McGuire on the sitcom Boy Meets World and Jessica Forrester on the drama The Bold and the Beautiful.

In 2019, she progressed from standard acting to acting in explicit movies. Maitland Ward (conceived Ashley Maitland Welkos, on February 3, 1977, in Long Beach, California). She started her vocation as “Jessica Forrester” on The Bold and the Beautiful (1987), where she showed up for a very long time. From that point, she visitor featured on Home Improvement (1991).

Maitland Ward Says She Makes 6 Figures Per Month Through OnlyFans!!!

Maitland is likewise notable as “Rachel McGuire” from the hit ideal time arrangement,

Maitland Ward, the previous Boy Meets World entertainer who stood out as truly newsworthy after she hopped into the porno business, says that she routinely makes six figures each month off of individuals buying into her OnlyFans account.

For those unconscious of what OnlyFans is (likely story) let this explainer change that.

Ward uncovered this vague however sizable month-to-month pay figure to TMZ when she and a cameraman of theirs turned out to be at a similar L.A. bistro simultaneously on Sunday. She said it with regards to said cameraman inquiring as to whether OnlyFans “has been rewarding” because of individuals being home much more due to the pandemic.

Ward adulated her fans, and said that the separation and stress brought about by the pandemic prompted a need “to interface and get off.” At that point, she added that she feels “exceptionally lucky, on the grounds that I get six figures every month from OnlyFans.” She adds that the OnlyFans pay alone is more than she made in her standard acting profession.

Maitland Ward Says She Makes 6 Figures Per Month Through OnlyFans!!!

Notwithstanding her OnlyFans exercises, it was accounted for only a couple of days prior that she would be getting back to TV in a sitcom called The Big Time. The New York Post composes that the show will base on a “world-renowned grown-up whiz.” Shooting for that is set to begin in May.

“I need to kill the two businesses,” she said to the Post. “I love and embrace both. Me being strong and free in my sexuality thus out there with it has truly given me that power. At the point when I resembled this blameless bloom, I was letting every other person direct what I ought to do or what I ought to be.”