Lil’ Kim Claps Back at 50 Cent Over BET Awards Meme: ‘Let It Go’!

The well-established show continues between Lil’ Kim and 50 Cent. The pair of rappers have a love/hate relationship that dates back to 2002 and drives as far as possible up to now, when Lil’ Kim got down on 50 Cent through Instagram on Friday (July 2) for his comments in regards to her BET Awards look.

The Feud Continues Between 50 Cent and Lil’ Kim

Kim delivered a stunning performance at the awards show on Sunday as a feature of a Queen Latifah tribute, brandishing a white hood and rakish blonde bangs. A couple of days after the fact, 50 Cent posted next to each other photographs looking at the “Crush on You” rapper to an owl. 50 Cent asked in his post, “Who did this sh- – “. “This ain’t right. Haha!” Lil’ Kim responded in her own Instagram post, where she guaranteed her followers the owl comparison didn’t trouble her “one bit.” Still, she didn’t let 50 Cent free – in a blistering three sentences, Kim uncovered she once dismissed the “In Da Club” rapper’s endeavor to date her.

This is a long way from the first run through Kim and 50 Cent have butted heads. The two have freely dissed each other a few times, with 50 Cent making fun of Lil’ Kim’s restorative medical procedures in two unique songs: 2002’s “Love Me” with Eminem and Obie, just as 2005’s “Stash.” But in the middle of their debates, they’ve likewise worked together on a couple of songs: first on “Wizardry Stick” in 2003 and afterward “Wanna Lick” in 2007. In the event that the example continues, perhaps their recent altercation implies the pair will deliver another track together later on.

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