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Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Camila Morrone love to feast on Italian food every New Year’s Eve…..

There is a low profile of Leonardo DiCaprio arriving in Boston to film the Adam McKay Netflix comedy “Don’t Look Up.” DiCaprio and his girlfriend Camila Morrone were spotted briefly in the public. On New Year’s Eve when they visited the North End. They wanted to have a hearty Italian feast.DiCaprio, Morrone, and one other woman went to Table Mercato right on Thursday.


They made their plan in the afternoon and there were loads of pasta, sauces, homemade potato chips, fig jam, and other items from owner Jen Royle’s Italian shop. Royle is the owner of and has been running Table Mercato for years. There is also an adjoining restaurant table that he runs.

He confessed that day that DiCaprio was one of the first customers that day. They had ordered a basket full of meals. They did not prefer to eat at the Table but the plan was a Stay-At-Home meal. Royle also confessed to Morning Picker that in this pandemic no one was going to dinner out on New Year’s eve except for staying in.

According to him, they just wanted to buy the essential raw stuff, go home, and cook. Royle also confessed that time she was busy in the basement of the table when suddenly DiCaprio and Morrone came through. All store’s employees and customers recognized the actor in no time. Royle complimented DiCaprio by saying he had the bluest eyes ever.

He was so recognizable with his blue eyes that even though he was wearing a mask, nobody can mistake him for anyone else. The production on “Don’t Look Up” has already kicked off In late November.DiCaprio and other cast members have filmed all over Massachusetts. The date was specifically December 1. At South Station, he and his co-star Jennifer Lawrence were filming the bold scenes on the Acela train.

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