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Lana Del Rey fans are very much upset about the fact that the star chose to wear a mesh mask to meet her fans. Check this out.

Lana Del Rey just wore the most dangerous garment we’ve ever seen on a pop star, and that’s saying something. At a fan meet-and-greet to promote her new collection of poetry, the singer wore a sparkly mesh face mask, the equivalent of putting fishnet stockings on her legs during a snow storm.

The singer, 35, real name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, wore a silver sparkly fishnet face covering which had holes in it to sign copies of her new poetry book Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass.

Lana was in a special cordoned off area for the event where she read excerpts from her new tome, although she later appeared to take selfies with fans who shared the photographs to social media.


Fans were left quite furious over Lana’s choice of face-covering with several calling it ‘irresponsible’ as she was not only a ‘danger to herself and others’. Fans questioned her accountability in this particular situation of the pandemic.

On the contrary, Lana’s sister, Caroline ‘Chuck’ Grant, was quick to hit back at furious social media users as she argued and informed that the singer was ‘more than six feet away’ and ‘tested negative’ for the deadly virus before the event.


Taking to Twitter to share their anger, one person said: ‘I can’t believe Lana is actually wearing this mask to…..socially interact with people..this is so irresponsible.’

A different user said on Instagram: ‘Girl we’re in the middle of a pandemic. 1. It’s irresponsible to do meet and greets. 2. Ur mask doesn’t WORKS ????????? 3. Why u took it off to read ???? Bye.’

Another account noted: ‘Lana is a grown woman and we shouldn’t tell her what to do BUT wearing #that mask is dangerous for her and for others…It’s very irresponsible.’


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