Kristen Bell talks about the time she found her daughters sipping on non alcoholic beers while a zoom class was going on!

Every parent have their own way of looking after their kids. Specially when it comes to celebrities, they need more attention because of the busy schedule their parents go through. The Frozen star Kristen Bell was recently seen in an episode of the podcast show, Say Yes! With Carla Hall. In the show the actress shared an incident about her two daughters. So dive in to know all the deets about it.

The actress and her husband, Dax Shepard have two daughters. The elder one is Lincoln who is of seven years while the younger, Delta is just of five now. Kristen revealed that she and Dax allow their daughters to enjoy and refresh themselves with O’Douls occasionally. Thus, the two young girls have got a taste of non alcoholic beer.

According to what it seems, the reason behind this is Dax’s sobriety and family’s support. Kristen knows that haters will slam her with stupid trolls after knowing that. And they’ll say that she’s a terrible mother. But she is confident enough and knows that she’s a great parent.

The 40 years old actress told that a night before the podcast her husband brought six packs of O’Douls and that her daughters like it. However, this turned out to be a problem when both the daughters opened a bottle of O’Douls during their online class.

Kristen got a bit nervous thinking that what will the teachers and other parents think of her. But then she realised that she shouldn’t care about what other people think about her parenthood.

The daughters got to drink O’Douls because Dax drinks it because he can’t drink alcohol due to his health issues. Thus, Kristen thinks it connects the kids with their dad.