Kit Harington Discussed at length the anticipated Jon Snow Spin-off Series, “He’s Not OK”

Kit Harington devised the notion for a Jon Snow spin-off series

Inescapable, concerns about the freshly anticipated Jon Snow sequel series were brought up when Kit Harington attended the Game of Thrones convention in Los Angeles.

The View of Kit Harington on Jon Snow

Kit Harington

Kit Harington, who wasn’t able to make many comments regarding the show’s development, spoke about how Jon Snow ended up in the series and what would have transpired to him when his role assassinated Daenerys. If someone had questioned him about his character in the series, he claimed, he would have thought he was treated fairly. He was ready to be beheaded when they found him in that cell at the end of the episode, and he wanted to be, so he was finished. He going to the wall was simultaneously a blessing and a misfortune.

Macall B. Polay/Courtesy of HBO via AP

He went on to say that it was intriguing that he would have to return to the location where all of those events occurred and spend the remainder of his life contemplating how he murdered Dany, how he held Ygritte as she died, how he strangled Olly, and how he dealt with all of those traumas.

Jon Snow spin-off idea


Kit Harington made subtle allusions to the emotional position his role was in at the end of Game of Thrones and the Jon Snow follow-up series.

He stated that he believed that where they left him at the conclusion of the episode, there was constantly the impression that they had been hoping for some sort of small smile to indicate that everything was well, but he was not fine.


George R.R. Martin acknowledged earlier in the year that it was Harington who proposed extending Snow’s plot in a new television series. Martin claimed in his blog post from back in June of this year that Kit Harrington was the one who first suggested the idea. He could not reveal the names of the showrunners and scriptwriters because those details had not yet been made public, but Kit also brought his own team in, and they were excellent.

Martin also revealed that the sequel series’ original title is SNOW.