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Kim Kardashian’s Latest Weather Blunder had her at the Receiving End of Social Media

It’s not snow, is it?

Kim Kardashian is someone who has always been a huge centre of attraction. Whether it’s her personal life or the photos she posts she easily becomes a trending topic one cannot resist talking about. Her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians has always been the talk of the town for various reasons. Though this time it is for quite a funny reason.

The reality star took to Instagram in excitement announcing snowing in her area. She took to Instagram when a big hail storm had just hit the city of Los Angeles. With so much confidence, she eventually made a fool of her. Many started trolling her and Twitter went berserk over Kim Kardashian. People were trolling as to how the famous reality star thought that hail was the snow in her area.

Unlike many of the other celebrities, Kim took it on a positive note and started appreciating her follower’s humour. Kim Kardashian was on Twitter reacting towards the people’s thought of her infamous blunder of weather.

Kanye and Kim have literally zero communication as they have cut off each other from life

Apart from this, there has been a lot going on in Kim Kardashian‘s life, Reportedly after her operation with Kanye West, both have been not on talking terms. There is literally zero communication between the former couple now. Even after no communication, Kanye West has been very close to their children as he took time from his busy schedule to meet children every month.

Kim had filed for divorce last month after around seven years of togetherness with Kanye West. Both literally shook the social media with their separation. The power couple was adored by many around the world. Their breakup eventually hurt many fans of the couple around the world.


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