Kim Kardashian thanks fans on Instagram for their support during her ‘Divorce’ with Kanye West!!! Kim hits 200M followers on her IG!!!


Kim Kardashian has thanked all her fans for their support as the celebrity was struggling through her divorce from Kanye West. She also thanked her IG followers for their support as she hits 200M followers on the social media platform. Read out the blog post to know what Kim Kardashian said!!!

Kim Kardashian thanked her fans for their support amid Divorce:

Kim Kardashian has thanked all her fans for being with her through her hard times. She thanked them for all their love and support while she was struggling with the divorce from her husband Kanye West. She has thanked all her fans and showed them the love they showered on her in her difficult times in the past few weeks amid the rumors that she is getting divorced from Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian celebrated her 200M followers on IG:

Kim Kardashian has just crossed 200M followers on Instagram becoming the 7th most followed celebrity on Instagram.

While thanking her fans for their love and support, Kim shared a dazzling photo of herself in a brown tank top. The actress had pouted her lips showing off her gorgeous looks. Kim Kardashian had carried a natural make-up in the gorgeous picture.

Kim Kardashian is celebrating having 200 million followers on Instagram

She captioned the picture writing a Thank You note to all her followers for 200M followers. The celebrity wrote 200 MIL! and thanked them for the love of her fans.

Kim Kardashian has four children with Kanye West, who was going through a tough time amid her divorce with him.

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Currently, the most followed celebrity on Instagram is the famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo who has 255 million followers followed by Ariana Grande with 216 million followers, and The Rock with 212 million.

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