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Katy Perry confesses to having a hard time facing her depression to the point where nothing could inspire her to get out of bed! Check out for more details.

Celebrities go through a lot in their personal life. But in front of the camera or media or fans, they have to keep smiling. Katy Perry was going through depression a few years back in 2017. In one of her recent media interactions she opened up about her condition at that time. The actress said that she was strong enough to not let her personal issues disturb her professional matters. At the time of her performance, she used to forget all her personal life problems for those two hours.

Katy said that she was stuck on her bed while she was going through mental health issues and sadly not a single person was able to inspire her to get out of her bed. Her behavior became like she was least interested in any of the things going on around her. However, it has also helped her in many ways. Like now the singer has built up such an attitude that she doesn’t pay attention on any such matter that could affect her. Moreover, she also doesn’t look forward or have any expectations and this has helped a lot to grow and remain happy and peaceful.

The singer also went for a treatment at the Hoffman Institute which is one of the best to treat anxiety, depression and anger. She was there for a week and it proved out to be really helpful. But the bad times have passed away now. And the news for now is that Katy Perry is pregnant. She is soon gonna become a mother. Orlando Bloom is also really excited on becoming a dad again. He in one of his recent interviews revealed about how he is feeling. So are you too excited to see the new baby like the couple?

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