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Kanye West was recently spotted at Georgia Chick-fil-A, Meets CEO and Vice President!

He also joined Steve Harvey and Rick Fox

Rapper Kanye West was at his hometown Atlanta and went to a Chick-fil-A on Tuesday and met president and CEO Dan Cathy and vice president Bubba Cathy. He also sat down for a meal with Steve Harvey and Rick Fox. He seemed in good spirits as he posed for photos and signed autographs for the fans there.

West’s love for Chick-fil-A

West had previously been photographed eating Chick-fil-A and had even dedicated a song for the famous fast food chain, so there’s no doubt that the man loves it. There had been videos surfacing since his visit, and in one of them, he was having a sing-a-long with the song “Closed on Sundays” with the restaurant workers at the restaurant in McDonough.

If you had read the news and seen the memes, Kanye had been running for president in the upcoming elections. As per an elections official,  Kanye has qualified to appear on Utah’s ballot this November as an unaffiliated presidential candidate. West had previously been a huge Trump supporter, but last month he announced that he will no longer be associated with Trump and will be launching his own presidential campaign. He filed his official paperwork on July 15 with the Federal Election Commission.

But chances of him contesting is doubtful after a series of tweets popped up, and his wife Kim Kardashian was mentioned as well. He said that Kim was trying to have him “locked up” and called her a “white supremacist.” This brought attention to the rapper’s current mental health. The tweets were also deleted later.

Kanye is eligible to appear in ballots for states like Arkansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. He is however, having trouble getting into Wisconsin.

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