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JoJo Siwa gets a major makeover by James Charles and the transformation is incredible! Here it is.

JoJo Siwa keeps on amazing fans with her makeovers. The most recent one incorporates a no bow, no sparkle, glitzy look done by James Charles. The YouTube magnificence blogger posted a video on Friday where he does the previous Dance Moms star’s cosmetics – and the outcomes are immaculate!

“This is my fantasy, and my bad dream simultaneously,” Siwa says in the clasp, with Charles sharing that he’s been approaching to give her a makeover for a long time. “Completing my cosmetics is simply, similar to a NO. I like to do it, I don’t let any other individual do it. It’s only a no. My hair, significantly more so.”

As the makeover gets in progress, the two talk about their vocations, Siwa’s initial days on Dance Moms and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. At the point when the opportunity arrives to disclose Siwa’s look, she’s similarly as stunned as watchers seem to be.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea how you got me to do this!” she shouts. “I will say it’s extremely lovely and you made a great showing on the hair and the cosmetics. The cosmetics is shocking… It’s clearly, it’s not me. You know how I appeared here in shimmers, hot pink and neon… I feel like an alternate adaptation. I have an inclination that I’m Joelle at the present time.”

Following the video, fans couldn’t resist the opportunity to rave about Siwa’s look, with NikkieTutorials, whose genuine name is Nikkie de Jager, remarking on how much the artist and her appeared to be similar.

“Hi GUYS… it’s my TWIN 👀✨,” she tweeted.

Recently, Siwa stunned fans when she discarded her mark light hair and bow for another brunette look. Notwithstanding, only days after she flaunted her hazier locks, she had returned to blonde.

“We back,” she composed close by a June TikTok. On her Instagram, Siwa likewise flaunted the lighter shade in an image where she is grinning and holding up a gesture of goodwill.

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wait for it…..

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“Earthy colored hair was fun…. be that as it may, blonde is my thing,” the performer subtitled her pic.

ET had recently spoken with Siwa about breaking the web with her makeovers.

“It’s clever,” Siwa said of the monstrous reaction from fans after she dumped her pig tail. “I realized it would be a stun to individuals … I realized it would have been similar to, ‘Goodness my gosh, JoJo put her hair down,’ in light of the fact that individuals simply don’t see that. Be that as it may, I likewise didn’t anticipate that it should go as [viral] as it did.”

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i love what i do.🌟

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“The bow will never be finished,” she included. “That is to say, the bow is my life. I’ve cherished it since the time I was pretty much nothing. It’s become who I am.”