Jimmy Kimmel getting Slammed for his Xenophobic Remarks on BTS

Jimmy Kimmel Compares BTS to Virus

Jimmy Christian Kimmel is an American television host, writer, producer and a comedian. He is the producer and the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live Show premiered on ABC.

He is very much known for his controversies on racial insensitivity. Recently, in his celebrity talk show, he commented on the Korean boys band, BTS, and on their fans. He was in an interview with Ashley Park where he compared BTS to COVID-19. He said that whether it be BTS or COVID-19, both are very dangerous.

Jimmy Kimmel
From Twitter @JimmyKimmelLive

Jimmy’s Blatant Comment

Earlier he had compared them with COVID-19 and late he alluded that the group is deadly like the Omicron BA.2 variant.

In his comments, the opening statement included that all these variant reminds him the boys band of late 90s and the early 2000s. He reminded that the world had big bands like Backstreet, NSYNC and 98 Degree and more. Then from somewhere, Jonas Brothers entered the show. He added that they took pieces and it popped up all over the world as it may be contagious.

He had made a similar joke in his last show with Ashley Park when she shared her experience with the band while they were covering Dynamite.

Jimmy Kimmel and Ashley Park
From Twitter @JimmyKimmel

Reaction Of The Fans

After such comments, fans got the meaning of his statement quickly, how he compared BTS to the contagious Variant. Everyone knows that he was considering the fact that how the Korean artists have taken over the music world.

BigHit Official

This was not a usual comment and neither it should be taken as. Their fans popularly knows as the BTS ARMY slammed him for his jokes. Even the non-fans are against the host and the show for passing such comments.

The Army are displeased with the comment and they had rightfully shared their views with hashtags like Jimmy Kimmel racist.

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