Jessica Steen opens up about the fact that she Misses Working With Micheal Wetherly! Check out what she had to say.

Remember Jessica Steen from NCIS, the most popular American action fiction of all time? She recently, in one of her interviews said that she misses the time when she used to work along with Micheal Wetherly. The show, NCIS ran for seventeen long seasons. The actress talked about her experience while working with Wetherly.

Steen played the role of Paula Cassidy in the show for about five years. Thus, she has a lot of memories associated with it. While sharing her experience she also talked about how it was to work with rest of the cast members, specially Michael Wetherly.

When the interviewer asked her about her experience during the show’s shooting, she said that she used to have a lot of fun throughout the shoot. Playing the role of Paula Cassidy for five years has made her fall in love with the character and this is why she enjoyed the time while she used to be on the set.

The next question asked by the interviewer was about her experience working with Michael Wetherly to which she replied that it was her favorite part throughout the show. And specially what she loved about it was the playful and flirty scenes. The actress said that she misses those moments and wishes to get it back.

The last question asked to her was her suggestions about Tony Paula Cab and whether she thinks he’s like Tony Ziva. She said that she thinks he has a lot of potential and he can perform better.

At the end of the interview, the actress was happy refreshing all her past memories. And the fans also felt nice watching her after a very long time.