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Jennifer Lopez looks all happy and excited as she breaks into a dance in her fancy Hamptons kitchen!

We the fans always wish to see the house of our favourite celebrities. And many also want to get same kinda things for ourselves whether it be their outfits or home. Recently, we got to see a glimpse of Jennifer Lopez’s Hamilton house kitchen. In addition, the front row seats of it also got to be a part of her small dance show. An this is making the fans go crazy.

As we know the singer is soon gonna get married to Alex Rodriguez, he posted a video of her singer wife to be during the time she was making some mouth watering dish in the spacious kitchen. The video shows the multi talented and multi tasking lady cooking as well as dancing around her spacious, all white kitchen, which has become a desire for several of her fans now. She was a dab hand preparing dinner and showing us her moves which makes me think that she’s not just a wonderful singer but a dancer too.

We could hear Latin music playing in the background of the video. Moreover, Jennifer was seen wearing a white crop top above sweat trousers. And her brown fluffy hairs were folded and tied as a bun. The singer was seen spinning around while moving her hips in the video and in the background we could see the big spacious kitchen of hers.

While the singer was cooking, we could also see a half filled wine glass kept beside the stove. And her friends were helping her in whipping up the dinner.

The couple would have become life partners by now, but there wedding has been kept on hold due to the corona virus pandemic. We hope that their relationship stays like this always and Jennifer keeps cooking and entertaining us.

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