Jennifer Lawrence Recalls her Confrontation with Anderson Cooper over his False Claims

Years pass by and yet there are certain happenings that remain in the back of our minds or their impressions remain traceable in the corner of our minds. Not once that we know about the repercussions of things that we do or speak, especially if it comes out for someone else who is as powerful as us or even more than us. However, only after we have experienced something in life do we realize the importance of having done it or not having done it. Whatever be the outcome, we know that for certain that once things that are done or act that are committed can not be changed or undone. Everything requires our presence of mind and nothing will work without our awareness of the same.

Jennifer Lawrence Confronted Anderson Cooper Over Oscar Fall Claim | IndieWire
picture: indie wire

What are we recalling with this article?

This article talks about the event that took place 7 years ago when the best actress that year was Jennifer Lawrence. At a time when she was outshining the industry, there was someone who was right there, present to make the sorrows in her happy life come to 2013, when she went onto the stage to collect the award and was recalling that day, she was talked of behind her back for something that she denies to date. Her walk on the stage was more controversial than anything else since when she was getting back from the stage, she fell while walking and that was commented on by a famous personality from the same industry. She had to go on a podcast and clarify that it wasn’t a fake fall, but entirely out of unawareness as it was nothing less than a reflex to the circumstances at that time that she was going through.