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Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols have come up with a Six Child Plan! Check out for more details.

We are all aware of the kind of relationship that Jenna Compona and Zach Nichols have. Both of them were recently seen as in the episodes of The Challenge: Total Madness. Jenna was playing really well and was one of the strong competitor. However, after she had a fight with Nichols, this wasn’t the same. Read below to know what’s the actual matter.

Actually, when Zach and Jenna had a dispute with each other, the former claimed that he has been cheated by Jenna. Moreover, he also said that he has strong evidences that proves his words true. This resulted in a difficult situation for Jenna, as she was really confused whether to choose between the show and him.

Zach’s ultimate intention behind his actions was to compel Jenna to leave the show. And it was indeed the only choice left for her. Thus, Jenna went weak at this point of time and she had no other option but to leave the show. And that is what she did. Her decision to leave the show had made the fans really disappointed, because they wanted to see such a good player like her in the game.

Jenna on the other hand, stands in support of his decision. She left the show because she wanted to save her relationship. Meanwhile fans were infuriated with Zach’s behaviour and upset at the same time by seeing Jenna leaving the show.

Later in one of the get together episodes, when Zach was asked if he want to take back his words and change everything? But even then he refused to do so. This disappointed the viewers, however, Jenna did not listen to her fans and she is still planning to marry Zach. And they have even planned to have six children, thus, as per Jenna the couple won’t be participating in the next season of the show.

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