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It might be time to bid farewell to Michelle Obama’s podcast for good! Here is what we know.

Two really amazing shows are gonna come to an end. Recently we got to know that Keeping Up With The Kardashian is gonna end and now there’s news that Michelle Obama’s podcast has also neared its conclusion. Fans are really upset after hearing this news because they really loved watching Michelle Obama having deep conversations with her family members, relatives, colleagues and friends.

According to Michelle, relationships makes us what we are and she also says that  at times our relationships with others can be as personal as it is with ourselves.

On 16th September the former first lady posted a photograph on social media. In the picture, the lady is seen along with her brother and mother. And all the three were looking really adorable.

Through the post she also shared the news that Michelle Obama podcast show will soon reach its end. The fans got shocked after hearing the news and took no time to express their sadness regarding it in the comment section of the post.

The latest episode of Michelle Obama podcast showcased her brother and mother along with her. They talked about raising Black Youth and parenthood.

For fans who want to listen to the podcast, they will have to download Spotify and watch it there. And the best part is that it’s not just available for the Spotify subscribers but also for free to the non subscribers.

This was unfortunately the last episode for the podcast show. As mentioned above they discussed about raising black youth but along with this, they also talked about the Black Lives Matter moment and how it has caused a hype all over the world. Also, people need to understand that mocking someone for their skin colour is no fair. 

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