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Is Jamal Bryant Cheating on Gizelle Bryant? Read the Whole Story here

We recently got to know that Jamal Bryant is cheating on Gizelle Bryant. On the sets of The Real Housewives Of Potomac we noticed that Gizelle Bryant renewed her relationship with her ex boyfriend Jamal Bryant. Thus, it seems like Jamal has a side chick. When he was filming some cosy scenes with  three of his daughters and his wife we got to notice this thing.

An unknown Instagram account has spilled dirt on Jamal in the weekend days. In his posts he revealed about Jamal’s extracurricular and he also pointed towards the unreal RHOP storyline or rather one more cheating scandal.

Credit: Gizelle | Instagram

The instagrammer wrote that Jamal was having an affair with another woman at the time he was shooting with Gizelle for his film RHOP. But now this other woman has got to know that she was just a conquest for Jamal thus, she came in the public and spoke up. She said that Jamal’s philandering behavior is unacceptable. Whatever the case may be but this has left the fans wondering whether their rekindled romance is just a storyline or he is actually cheating Gizelle? What do you think about Jamal?

The reality is that in 2019 Pastor Tunya Griffin and the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church senior pastor started dating each other. She even got a message from Jamal which stated that the patch up of Gizelle and himself was a fake one and was just for the reality TV show and nothing else.

Whereas, in one of the interviews with Gizelle she commented about the situation and said that Jamal does what he does best. However, it’s quite complicated to understand what she said. May be it was a pun for Jamal.

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