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Is having sex similar to eating a really tasty sandwich? This celebrity might have the answer to that.

Celebrities are often asked to give their views on some random things. Most of the time they are asked about their particular experience while shooting a some movie. And their replies tell us a lot of thing about how they are as individuals. Recently in one such view cam out from Kate Winslet.

It was just yesterday that the trailer for  came out. It’s a lesbian period drama brought to us by Francis Lee. And the trailer shows amazing chemistry between the two lead characters, Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet. Well, this trailer also aroused a lot of doubts in the fans minds. However, you do not need to think much because The Hollywood Reporter has come up with an article that’s posted on Winslet’s profile that’ll clear all of your doubts.

The article has Winslet giving the description about her sex scenes with Ronan. She disclosed that the scenes were choreographed by themselves. And it’s not as easy as you think it is, she said that it’s not like eating a sandwich.

It all started when she went up to Ronan as he looked pretty nervous. She told him that they’ll work it out together. And to make Ronan feel a bit normal, she herself went on describing and directing him about what to do and how to do. Moreover, later she also felt that she was less self- conscious and the scene went perfect because she felt safe. And yes, it’s nothing the same like we have been taught in our school.

Moreover, she also said that the scenes choreographed by herself and Ronan went really well, without and hoagie play. And this should be the understanding between two stars doing intimate scenes.

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