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Is Brad Pitt Spending Nights With Angelina Jolie During the Lockdown after rumors with Jennifer Aniston?? Check it out!!

Rumours of him having a romantic reunion with Jennifer Aniston is also doing the rounds

Brad Pitt can’t seem to shake off the Casanova curse as he’s been linked with Jennifer Aniston ever since the SAG 2020 awards, and he’s also been linked with actress Alia Shawkat for over a year now. Shawkat had clearly stated that they were just friends and wanted to shut the rumors down as quickly as possible but we all know how the paparazzi can be.

Amidst all this, it was revealed recently that Brad and ex-wife Angelina Jolie are spending nights together. Brad has been frequently seen by the paps visiting Jolie’s home in LA.

Buried the Hatchet?

He was last spotted on July 28th. A source revealed that he comes at night and leaves at dawn, and he usually gets away with it too, bit the roar of his engine gave him away on a few occasions. The source also claimed that they were “seeking comfort” in each other and has gone back to friendly terms. The insider added that the two usually meet twice a week after the kids have gone to sleep.

This person also claimed that the news is not going to be taken lightly by Jennifer Aniston as they are apparently “seeing” each other. They had apparently bonded over their mutual hatred for Jolie and she had even forgiven him for leaving her in 2005.

And although they have been spending nights together, the insider claims that Brad and Angelina cannot be emotionally compatible, and that she would try to stop him from moving on with Aniston.

All these statements are to be taken with a pinch of salt as Brangelina had obviously moved on after the split and will be working together to raise their kids, but have no plans of reconciling.

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