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In a Shocking Reveal, Hugh Grant Confesses on Cheating his Girlfriend for This Weird Reason

After being a part of blockbusters like ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’, Hugh and Elizabeth have been a popular couple who have been in the spotlight for a long time. In 1995, a notorious encounter of Hugh Grant with a Hollywood sex worker came to attention to the press. Soon, Elizabeth Hurley parted her ways from Hugh Grant after getting acknowledged about the scandal.

Hugh Grant recently in WTF podcast revealed that he had cheated on Elizabeth Hurley by sleeping a prostitute Divine Brown. He claims that the only reason he cheated on hurley was that he was upset and was in a bad mood after watching his performance in his first American film, Nine Months, Hugh’s then-new comedy had just released, and he went for its screening and did not really appreciate his role and acting in the movie.

He, later on, said that his timing of launching his first Hollywood movie was impeccable. According to Hugh, his problem was that it was his first Hollywood movie and it was the first time saw the movie. The movie also consists of other supreme actors and actresses of that time, like Robin Williams and Julianne Moore. Hugh explains that the movie was about to release in a week or so and he was really upset with the movie and didn’t really have a good feeling about the movie.

Hugh Grant

Later on, when he went for the screening, according to him everyone did justice to their role other than him. Thus being said, he drank too much and paid a prostitute $60 for a sex act.

Later that night he was arrested and taken into police custody because of having sexual intercourse in a parked car with the sex worker. The news spread internationally like wildfire. Although even after the confinement and heavy fine, Hugh’s movie career was smooth his relationship broke up after being 17 years together.

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