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How much settled is the cast of “The Blacklist” in their love life? Read below to know more

Courtesy: NBC

The American crime thriller “The Blacklist” was released back in 2013. Since then, makers have released 8 seasons of the show. In total, the series have 154 episodes. Since the show is seven years old we know  a lot about it. But what we don’t know much about the series is the cast of the “The Blacklist”.

Let us see how well the cast of “The Blacklist” is settled in their love life.

Megan Boone

Currently, Megan is dating Dan Estabrook since 2016. In fact, they have a child whos name is Caroline. In real life, Megan before joining modeling and acting left the law enforcement.

James Spader

Well, James’s relationship is very wholesome for the real world. He is dating Leslie Stefanson since 2002. They are not yet engaged. However, before Leslie, James was married to Victoria between 1987-2004. He also have three kids from Victoria. Jack was also part of “Th Office”.

Clark Middleton

Glen Carter aka Clark is married to Elissa Middleton since 2006.

Diego Klattenhoff

Diego has kept his personal life a sort of a secret. Whatever we see in his personal life is what he wants to show us. That is why he has never revealed his wife’s name to the world. However, there are pictures on internet of his wife but still we have no idea what her name is.

Amir Arison

Just like Diego, Amir’s personal life is also a secret for media and fans. He is currently dating a woman but her identity is still a mystery.

Mozhan Marnò

For now Mozhan is single and free. She portrays Samar Navabi in the series.

Hisham Tawfiq

Hisham is married to Spirit Tawfiq and also have a son together. However, he prefers not reveal much about his personal life.

Harry Lennix

Well, Harry is married to Dejna since 2009. Harry portrays Harold Cooper on the show.

Ryan Eggold

Well, just like Mozhan, Ryan is also single and free of relationships. However he played a role of married man Tom Keene on the show.

Parminder Nagra

Parminder also belongs to the singles list along with Ryan and Mozhan. However, she was married to James Stenson from 2009 to 2013. But their marriage did nt lasted for long.