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Hilary Duff flaunts her toned abs and body in a hot bikini this summer! Check it out.

“Do whatever feels good,” says the actress and singer

Hilary Duff recently uploaded a mirror selfie where she was wearing a two-piece bikini and showed her figure and added an encouraging message underneath to her fans do that they can achieve something that makes them happy in this quarantine period.

Apart from her abs, her overall figure has become slim and toned. In the caption, she revealed that she has been dieting, but not at the cost of giving up on her favourite food items. Duff said that she has been counting her macros, with assistance from her dieting coach, and it has led her to look slim and trim, while still being able to eat bread, chocolate, and wine.

Making the most of your time

Her fitness coach comes from Novo Body Fitness and said that she’s “grateful” to have found a routine that works for her. The Lizzie McGuire star spoke to her fans as well and said, “I know it’s extra hard to keep up and find normalcy in quarantine but I truly hope you make at least 30 mins a day for yourself to stay connected.” She winded up by saying do whatever that feels good, even if it’s not related to food or fitness.

She got a lot of praise from her fans and celebrity friends for her achievement.

Last week, Duff gave an update on the reboot for Lizzie McGuire. She said that they were in the process of making the reboot when the pandemic happened, but they are having discussions about it every week. Deciding on the story has been left with herself, and the execs from Disney and Disney+. She called it a work in progress, but it’s still very much happening.

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