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Hilaria Baldwin Trending on TWITTER!!! Responds to Accusations of FAKING Spanish Accent!!!


If you are a Twitter user, have you seen Hilaria Baldwin trending??? Have you guessed why so? Let’s check it out in the blog post. The author responded to the people who accused her that she fakes a Spanish accent. Read out the blog post to know the whole story!!!

Hilaria Baldwin trending:

The author of ‘Healthy Mind and Joyful Life’ Hilaria Baldwin, 36, was recently accused of faking a Spanish accent has responded to Twitter users for their claims which said that she faked a Spanish accent.  Hilaria is married to Alec Baldwin in 2012.

Hilaria Baldwin responds to criticism about her Spanish heritage: 'Yes I am a white girl'

Recently, a tweet became viral that had questioned her of being Spanish. The tweet became so popular that Hilaria herself had to come up and respond to the user.

Hilaria Baldwin responded to all the tweets questioning her Identity:

The author posted a video on her IG recently in which she clarifies her Identity. In the long video, Hilaria has solved people’s queries. Hilaria said that she is lucky to be grown speaking two languages i.e. Spanish and English. The author said that she tries her best to speak clearly in both languages though she messes up everything.

The author has also said that her family lives in Spain. However, she chose to stay in the US. Hilaria also explained the name that she uses in Spain and the US.

Hilaria Baldwin responds to claims she has faked her Spanish heritage - CNN

She has clearly mentioned in the long caption, which she posted with the video, that she has been raised with her family in Massachusetts and Spain and has born in Boston. The author wrote she found people chattering about her identity and questioning her culture which she really takes seriously. And Hilaria proved that through the video.

Click Here to check out the IG post of Hilaria Baldwin that she posted in response to the tweets.