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Here is every relationship Jaden Smith had with the girls before he came out about his sexuality!

One of the most loved and popular pop star, Jaden Smith is back in news and his huge fan following are in a shock. Wanna know what exactly the news is? Well, we are here to inform you the same, so keep scrolling through this feed and find it out below….

Recently, Jaden Smith opened up about his actual sexuality and everyone is in a quite shock learning that he is a gay. Well, indeed this news is a shocking one, not because being a gay is something to be ashamed of but because in past he has dated a number of girls.

It is indeed hard to believe that in spite of being a gay he has dated around seven girls in the past. So aren’t you eager to know who his previous girlfriends are? And with who all have he been rumoured to be in a relationship with? Well, patience is all you need because we are gonna disclose their names in the next paragraph.

Very first in the list is, Madison Pettis. The American actress and Jaden were really good friends from a long time. And they finally got into relationship in 2010. However, after a year they got separated too.

Second is none other than Stella Hudgens. Jaden had his patch up with Stella just after his first break up in July 2011. Unfortunately, even this relationship lasted only for a year and they broke up in 2012. The most recent appearance of Stella was in Players, that released this year.

In addition, other girls in this list are Sofia Richie, the very popular Kylie Jenner (their relationship lasted just for 7 months), Amendla Stenberg, Sarah Snyder and the most recent one was Odessa Adlon.

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