Hailey Bieber Launches Her YouTube Channel Focusing on Beauty!!!


Hailey Bieber is currently a YouTuber.

The model as of late dispatched her own YouTube channel with OBB Pictures. The channel will offer an inside investigation of the model’s skincare schedule, ventures, and difficulties with A-rundown companions and beauticians.

Hailey Bieber Launches Her YouTube Channel Focusing on Beauty!!!

Taking to her Instagram, Hailey declared the dispatch of her channel, stating, “So eager to dispatch my authority YouTube channel!!! Legitimate discussions, style and way of life, skin schedules, kinship, and the presentation of my lead show WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM, and unmistakably loads of fun.

The channel will highlight a wide scope of short-structure content, including the way of life tips, magnificence instructional exercises, social causes, and a syndicated program called ‘Who’s in My Bathroom?’ – a show facilitated from Hailey’s own restroom in her home where she welcomes her well-known companions for spur of the moment meetings and tricks.

According to Variety, the substance will be consistently carried out through 2021 with new recordings delivered every other week. Representing the first run-through about her new undertaking, Hailey disclosed to Variety that she needed to make her YouTube channel so she could handle her own story and show watchers who she truly is.

“With the YouTube channel, I will control what’s going out there,” Hailey said. She added, “I’m alright with each and every piece of substance going out, and that truly feels liberating for me since I’m not in charge of 90% of what’s discussed me and said about me, and articles were expounded on me. I don’t control that and I can’t handle it, and I think I’ve arrived at where I’ve released that.”

Hailey’s first ‘Who’s in My Bathroom?’ visitor is her dearest companion and supermodel Kendall Jenner. In the scene, the team will talk about how their fellowship began, play a round of ‘Never Have I Ever and cook macintosh ‘n cheddar.

Hailey Bieber Launches Her YouTube Channel Focusing on Beauty!!!

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