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Gwyneth Paltrow knew her marriage with Chris Martin was not going to work way before they got divorced! Check it out.

The actress shares her thoughts six years after her marriage ended

Gwyneth Paltrow recently spoke about her “conscious uncoupling” from former husband, Coldplay lead Chris Martin.

The Iron Man actress recently had an interview with British Vogue and revealed when her 11-year marriage with Martin was over and said that their split in 2014 led to “permeated break-up culture.”

Marriage Story

The 47-year-old Oscar winner spoke about a trip to Tuscan that she took with Martin on her 38th birthday. In that “dream” trip, she realized that her marriage had reached its end.

She said that amidst the long walks, held hands, the lie-ins and big glasses of Barolo, she found out that the marriage was over. In fact she thought it was almost involuntary, and that it might just be a thought because marriages are meant to be complicated and flawed. But she said she felt it in her bones.

Then she said that it took years until she and Martin actually acknowledged that the marriage was over, and described it as “a dam had cracked just enough to hear the unrelenting trickle of truth. And it grew louder until it was all I could hear.” Paltrow said that she and Martin “tried everything” to make it work as they didn’t want to let anyone down, especially their two children: Apple, 16, and Moses, 14.

Even after marriage, the couple remained friends and said that they had a lot in common. They understood after years that despite all this, they never really fit in together but they did everything for their children nonetheless.

Their therapist introduced the term “conscious uncoupling” which was about breaking up but not losing everything. They tried it on themselves first and it made the divorce a lot less messy.

Paltrow is currently married to Glee producer Brad Falchuk and Martin is with actress Dakota Johnson. The exes continue to be on good terms.

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