Gwen Stefani’s new brand GXVE is not your ordinary brand, Claims the star!

Gwen Stefani about GXVE

The launching of the new brand of Gwen Stefani‘s GXVE takes place on March 3rd. The news is revealed through her official social media account. At the launching event, she explained about the product. She says her GXVE Beauty line is not another celebrity brand. As she is passionate about makeup. She is launching this new one based on her love for makeup. Gwen attracted to makeup since she was a little girl. So she is familiar with makeup from her childhood. As a result, she launched a new brand GXVE.

The brand launch is held in Anaheim, Gwen’s hometown. At an Italian restaurant Mama Cozza’s which is her parent’s first date location. It is a private event and the line name is ‘give’. She mesmerized the Los Angeles Beauty Editors with her music. It includes ‘Underneath It All’, ‘Just A Girl’, ‘Don’t Speak’, ‘Hollaback Girl’. Gwen is married to Judge Blake Shelton last year.

The new brand

The new product comprises of long-wear satin lipsticks. With Stefani’s signature color red one. In Addition to that Gel Eyeliners with Twenty Four hour Waterproof. It has matte black and metallic blue finishes. An eye shadow palette with Four pans. It consists of Matte neutral, rich golden bronze, rose gold, matte smoky. And also double-sided Brow Pencils with Sculpting Brushes with Six Shades. A soothing Primer Oil which acts as hydrating makeup Primer with meadow seed oil. The price range is from $21 to $48. This new product is vegan and cruelty-free.

Gwen Stefani shoot for her brand

This brand is under development for Four years. Gwen’s been doing this with New Theory Ventures. The capital is steered by Nikki Eslami who is the founder of Bellami Hair Extensions. Gwen is involved with every product development meeting. which shows her dedication to the product.

The singer launched her fashion label in 2003. The name of the product is L.A.M.B. In Addition to that, another brand Harajuku Lovers in 2005 focuses on accessories and fragrances. In 2014 Optical frames GX by Gwen. Now GXVE is her next step in her business path. This new Product GXVE will be available online on Match 12 at Sephora. Let’s Congratulate Gwen Stefani for her new product launch.