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Greg’s Anatomy Is Saying Goodbye To Yet Another Character And Ellen Pompeo Pens Down A Heartfelt Farewell Note For Him

Greg’s Anatomy fans are going to witness another death of a major character as Giacomo Gianniotti is all set to big goodbye to his character Andrew DeLuca. While his character’s death comes off as yet another shock for fans, series lead Ellen Pompeo pens down an emotional post for her fellow cast mate.

Giacomo Gianniotti Bids Farewell To His Character Andrew DeLuca In Grey’s Anatomy As Fans Are In For Another Shock! P.S: Major Spoilers Ahead.

In the recent mid season premiere, Andrew Deluca’s character bid his last goodbyes to fans as he won’t be a part of the show anymore. After Andrew was fatally wounded after he tried to expose a sex trafficker and was stabbed. While the doctors tried hard to save him and look into the injury, Andrew soon succumbed to his wounds on the operating table.

Grey’s Anatomy

Sereis lead Ellen Pompeo has penned down a heartfelt post on her social media post for her cast mate and said that she is excited for her future and now it is time for Giacomo Gianniotti to use his skills put in the world, Ellen also said that wine and pasta will always be a part of their friendship!

Sereis Lead Ellen Pompeo Pens Down A Goodbye Post For Giacomo Gianniotti !

Giacomo Gianniotti reposted the post and talked about his last day on the set on the beach with the waved beach beauty. Series showrunner Krista Vernoff has addressed her decision to end Andrew’s storyline in the long running series.

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While talking the death, she explains how the writers are just as grief stricken by the stories as we are but it is all a part of the story telling. She concluded the note by thanking Giacomo for his talent, grace and meticulous acting.

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