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Golden Globes has placed Stanley Tucci for a Lead Actor list for ‘Supernova’,

The actor had been previously in the running for best supporting character

With the start of the new year comes award nominations for Hollywood actors. With the Golden Globes coming soon, here’s the latest from the bunch.

Stanley Tucci, whose performance in Harry McQueen’s Supernova was rejected by the academy for Best Supporting Actor in a motion pictures and has been moved to the Best Actor on a motion picture (drama) category. His co-star Colin Firth has also been placed in the list.

More about the movie

Quiddity Films

The movie, which shows Firth and Tucci as romantic partners who had been together for twenty years, is about the two of them taking a trip across England to visit friends, family, and important places from their past. Tucci’s character has been diagnosed with early onset dementia, so they decide to make the best possible use of the little time they have left.

The movie’s rights had been brought for Bleecker Street for its distribution in North America. It’s CEO Andrew Karpen said that they had done so after watching the film and seeing the beautiful and timeless love story that McQueen had created. McQueen had also written the movie’s script. The movie had been produced by Emily Morgan of Quiddity Films and Tristan Goligher of The Bureau. The executive producers are Eva Yates, Mary Burke and Vincent Gadelle.

Bleecker Street had been campaigning the actor for the supporting category ever since the release. But the nominations for lead actors had been stacked so his chances of recieving a nomination seems pretty low. The studio has submitted him for the SAG awards however, so Tucci has better chances of winning a nomination in that.

The Golden Globe nominations will be announced on Wednesday, Feb 3.

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