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George Clooney Says Wife, Amal is Watching ‘ER’ and It’s Getting Him into TROUBLE!!!

The past has returned to haunt George Clooney.

The Oscar victor kidded that spouse Amal has been watching him in “emergency room” reruns and isn’t excessively satisfied with his character’s conduct.

George Clooney says wife Amal is watching 'ER' and it's getting him into 'trouble'!!!

“My significant other is watching them now and it’s getting me in a tough situation since I’d failed to remember the entirety of the horrendous things (my character) was doing getting on ladies and things,” he disclosed to Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett during an appearance on their “SmartLess” web recording this week.

“Trauma center” was an enormous hit and pursued for 15 seasons debuting in 1994. Clooney, who left the arrangement in 1999, procured two Emmy selections for his job as the attractive women’s man, Dr. Doug Ross. The entertainer noted on the web recording that the show was getting around 42 million watchers at that point, which was “incredible” in those days.

Clooney solidified his status as a real star on the show, and Bateman facetiously contemplated whether Amal would get captivated watching him.

“The reality of the situation was I met this astonishing lady and she blew my mind and she was splendid and entertaining and excellent and kind and I was kind of deeply inspired,” he told the digital recording has.

“We got drawn in following a couple of months and got hitched inside the primary year that we met. (It) astounded me more than any other person on the planet and every other person was really amazed.”

George Clooney says wife Amal is watching 'ER' and it's getting him into 'trouble'!!!

The couple is guardians to twins Alexander and Ella, 3. “They’re beasts,” he said. “Everything gets obliterated in a second.”

Clooney, who is a famous comedian, likewise recounted an account of how his child put peanut butter on his shoe and imagined it was “crap” prior to eating it, demonstrating he’s similar in many ways to the old man.

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