Former IZONE Members Miyawaki Sakura And Kim Chae Won Once Again Joining as Bandmates in a New Girl Group 

Fans Will See Former IZONE Members Miyawaki Sakura And Kim Chae Won Together 

Fans of IZONE got good news. Miyawaki Sakura And Kim Chae Won former group members reportedly confirmed to join the Music’s New Girl Group.

On Monday, Source Music confirmed this news. IZONE which is a part of popular HYBE Labels has signed popular singers Sakura and Chae.

The representative from the label announced both the singers exclusively signed the contract with their agency. And both of them are ready to make their debut as ‘first girl group’ with the agency and Source Music.

The agency also asked fans to support the artists who show their new sides in the newly launched Source Music group. This will motivate them to bring more good music and to create valuable content for the fans.

Miyawaki Sakura
Miyawaki Sakura/Instagram

The rumor of Miyawaki and Kim joining the group spread last year. After which in August 2021, reportedly Kim confirmed to soon join the girl group singed by Source Music. And just after two days, news of Sakura joining the group also spread.

But nothing was confirmed at that time and the fans were left in the hope of whether they would once again see both the actors together on stage or not. But after seven months this news got the green signal and now fans can once again see them performing together.

 The previous successful stints

Miyawaki Sakura started her career in Japan in 2011 where she becomes a part of HKT48. She later joined the band along with Kim Chae Won and two both of them appeared in 2018 Mnet’s Produce 48 which became a turning point of their career. It was here that they debuted as an IZONE member.

Kim Chae Won
Kim Chae Won/Instagram

But unfortunately, the group disabled after which Sakura left also left the HKT48 group. And both of them went in different directions since then.