Elon Musk’s Daughter seeks name change for new gender identity and cut all ties with father

Musk’s daughter revealed that she had filed for it in April

Elon Musk is trending once more, but this time it’s for another reason. His transgender daughter has given a request to change her name along with her identity as she no longer wishes to be associated with her father. She said that she no longer lives with him or wish to be related to her biological father in any way, shape or form. Let’s read it in detail.

Cutting Ties With Elon Musk

The documents
Superior Court of California

Musk’s daughter, whose birth name was Xavier Alexander Musk, had recently turned 18, which is the age of consent in California. The information was collected from the online website Plain Site. Emails asking for information were not answered by the representatives of Elon Musk or his lawyers. We are yet to understand why Musk and his daughter have grown apart.

Perhaps it could be due to the billionaire’s internet drama, or the upcoming thing.

Musk’s Support For The Republicans

Elon Musk

In May, a month after his daughter submitted the document, Elon Musk announced that he is lending his support to the Republican Party. The elected representatives are those that support a raft of legislation that would limit transgender rights in every state in the country. In light of Musk’s daughter’s declarations, some old tweets of the Tesla CEO are surfacing.

Musk had tweeted in 2020 that while he supports trans people, he made jokes about pronouns saying they suck. It was met by so much hate around Twitter. Even his then-partner Grimes said in a now-deleted tweet that while she loved him, he should turn off his phone or give her a call. She added that she cannot support hate. Elon Musk was also criticized for sharing a meme of people who put their pronouns in their bios. He continued to make such jokes in 2022 as well in the wake of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.