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Dua Lipa shows off her stirring body in a bikini while she was chilling out with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid

The 25 years old singer shows off her sensational body in a bikini while she was chilling out in Mexico. Dua Lipa is in relationship with Anwar Hadid who is younger brother of super models Bella and Gigi Hadid. So, coming back to the topic, Dua and Anwar was scene chatting to their fellows while they were on new Year’s break.

Dua chose to wear a tiny bikini on the beach. No doubt, she was looking incredible in her beach outfit. All the health checks and COVID-19 rules were followed by the pairs. Both Anwar and Dua went to Mexico because travelling from America is not restricted yet. Through out her trip, Dua shared many pictures of her trip on Instagram.

Credit: Dailymail

Dua and Anwar was first scene together in 2019

Previously, Anwar Hadid dated Kendall Jenner. Since Dua and Anwar’s first appearance, she has really came very close to Hadid family. However, in starting days of their relationship the pair was not ready for any public attention. Therefore, it was kind of a secret in the beginning but now it is not hidden from anyone.

Dua also celebrated her Christmas with Anwar’s family in America. The whole Hadid family was on the table together. Gigi was along with her partner Zayn Malik and their 3 months old daughter. Yolanda and Mohammed who are parents of Hadids, were the eldest in the get together.

Apparently, few days ago Anwar made a statement that he won’t be taking the vaccine in any case. After some days, he said that he is diagnosed with Lyme disease. The disease weakens his immune system and therefore he need to learn how take care of himself without a vaccine.

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