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Drake Bell denies all allegations of his ex girlfriend claiming him to be an abusive person! Check it out.

Abuses, fights or any other news, everything spreads like a forest fire when it comes from celebrities. And we at Morning Picker are back with one such news. So keep reading and find it out who is it related to this time.

Well, Melissa Lingafelt, popularly known as Jimi Ono, ex- girlfriend of the very talented actor, Drake Bell has accused him of physical and emotional abuse. Drake on the other hand has denied all these allegations.

The news got out when Lingafelt posted a tiktok video in which she talked about how the actor Drake and Josh abused her verbally in such a worst way. Moreover, she also said that later it also turned to physical abuse.

Drake on the other hand claimed that all the allegations put by his ex girlfriend on tiktok are false. Lingafelt is a popular singer as well as an actress, she said that she was dating Drake and Josh actor during 2006. And their relationship lasted for around 2 years, in 2008 the couple broke up.

While releasing the video she said that she literally doesn’t care if anyone trusts her or not. She just wanted to reveal everyone about her story and something bad that she has experienced in her life.

The thirty years old Lingafelt was young and in her sixteens when she used to date Drake. She moved along with him as she was homeschooled. And after one year, in 2007 eventually things got worse between them and Bell started abusing her verbally. According to the singer, the words used by him to abuse her is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Later, she claimed that this verbal abuse gradually turned physical and he used to throw things to hit her. However, we do not know who is speaking truth and who not…. Rest it lies in your hand whom do you think is honest?

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