“Don’t ruin our Christmas” says Cheryl to Liam.


Liam dated Cheryl back in 2016. After dating each other for more than two years the couple announced that their ways have parted in 2018. Everyone was very shocked after the couple decided to end everything. They even had a baby who is named bear. The couple were apparently never engaged. Certainly, it is rumoured that the age difference between cheryl and liam was the main reason of their separation.

2020 has been a tough for lot of us and everyone is literally suffering in their own surroundings. But for Liam it was something very special. Liam got engaged to Texan Model Maya who is 20 year old. Apparently, she is 7 years old younger than Liam. Maybe the reason of Liam and Cheryl’s separation is covered in Liam’s marriage with Maya.

As Liam wants to spend his Christmas with his wife Maya, Cheryl have some other plans.

Certainly, Cheryl have send the invitation to Liam and Maya to spend the Christmas holiday with her and her son Bear. However, Liam and Maya have still not decided that where they will be spending their holidays.

Courtesy: thesun.co.uk

Cheryl is bit excited for this Christmas as her and Liam’s son has grown up tp that stage where he wants his “daddy” to be with him. But since Liam and Maya have recently got engaged earlier this year it is obvious that they might want to spend it together. However, Liam did spent the Christmas with his son Bear last year. Although, Cheryl is still disappointed that Liam is not making it hsi priority again.

Moreover, Cheryl knows that Maya may want to keep things separate. In fact, it is clearly a fiance vs ex situation but who knows what exactly is going between the couple and Cheryl.