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Dixie D’Amelio, famous Tik-Tok star’s account with 46.3M followers gets HACKED!!! This Is What Happened Next!!!

The Tik-Tok account of the famous Tik-Tok celebrity Dixie D’Amelio, who has around 46.3 million followers, got hacked on Sunday. The hacker went live before deleting the prospective account followed by certain bizarre posts on her account. The account has been reinstated now. The platform released statements regarding the hack. Read out the blog post to know in detail!!!

Massive TikToker loses access to account with 100 million followers: 'TikTok locked everyone out'

When did  Dixie D’Amelio’s account get hacked???

At present Tik-Tok is among the widely used apps and is giving platforms to millions of rising stars. One of the famous celebrities of Tik-Tok is Dixie D’Amelio who has a list of followers of around 46.3 million people.

On Sunday, it appeared as Dixie’s account got hacked by a group of hackers. The group of hackers is very well known for hacking prominent Twitter accounts as well as accounts of CEOs.

TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio's account was reinstated after she appeared to be hacked | Business Insider India

What happened to Dixie’s account after it got hacked???

Several bizarre posts were uploaded on Dixie’s account followed by the hacking on Sunday. Even her bio was changed in which it was written to follow an Instagram account ‘koiiddd’. Between Sunday to Monday, the hackers had posted a lot of posts with bizarre captions on her Tik-Tok account.

Her account is disabled and you will encounter a particular statement of ”User not Found” or ‘User does not exist’ popped out when clicked on Dixie D’Amelio’s Tik-Tok account.

Followed by the hacking of Dixie’s account, Dixie’s father Marc D’Amelio’s account which had around 9 million followers was also hacked.

The next target from D’ Amelio’s family is Dixie’s sister Charli D ‘Amelio who has been threatened by the hackers.

What did Tik-Tok’s spokesperson say???

According to the sources, a spokesperson from Tik-Tok has made the statement that after they were contacted by D’Amelio, their accounts were immediately locked so as to prevent the misuse of their accounts any more. The spokesperson also added that the team is working at their best to protect their accounts in the future from such accidents.

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