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Did Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber not get baptized according to the rules? What did they do wrong?

In a recent video released by TMZ we see JUSTIN & HAILEY BIEBER being baptized together. But is that video even real? Or is it derived from some film or music album? Or is this some edits? Find it out here at Morning Picker we have revealed everything for you.

Justin Bieber posted some photos on his social media which is included in the video. He also captioned that it was one of the most important moment of his life and he really enjoyed it. Moreover, the fact that made it more joyous for him was the presence of his friends and family. So are the photos of them being baptized real?

Well, just after the baptization photo we also see more photos of him in which he is boating along with his friends. He was having a leisurely time at the sweetboat with Hailey Bieber and their friends. Thus, it seems quite mysterious because baptism is something that happens in a Church under the guidance of a Father.

Another ironic thing is that while Justin was seen sitting on the boat, he had a bottle of alcoholic drink in his hand. Well, this is something that shows how religious he might have been #sarcasm. And everybody made a lot of fun about him having a bud Light wine during his baptism ceremony.

Thus, it still remains a mystery that what kind of baptism ceremony was it? As baptism is a pure ritual that is done in a bath tub and presence of a Father to chant all the hymes is also one necessary thing in the procedure.

So what do you think? Was it a real baptism taking place? Or were they just having fun?

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