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Did Jeffree Star’s New Boyfriend actually rob him and is now ignoring his calls? Here is what we know!

Is there anything as romantic and as lovely as falling in love in Autumn? Those cozy nights sitting beside the fireplace, going for long walks along with your partner and connecting with your friends through Instagram. Well, the similar case happened with Jeffree Star, the makeup and lifestyle content YouTuber and her boyfriend. His boyfriend, Andre Marhold is a basketball player.

Recently, Hip Magazine mentioned the couple in one of it’s articles. They attached the screenshot of Star’s comment on one of Marhold’s Instagram post. She wrote in the comment section of the photograph that Marhold has stolen some items from some of her items while he was at his home. And he isn’t even responding to his messages. In fact, all his messages are left read and ignored.

Star wrote and requested Marhold that now since he isn’t responding to any of the calls and messages could he please return all the items that he took while he was along with her at her home. And at last he wrote that “Give It Back…!” It seems to her that there is trouble in paradise. Following this, many women who has been related to Marhold said that he might be in the relationship just for money.

This made Star to tweet that she doesn’t give money to anyone she’s in relationship with. However, if we look into the details her money is indeed going away in other manner. Star has also deleted all the photos of him and Marhold from his Instagram and other social media sites. And he also posted a story on Instagram saying that everytime he starts trusting someone, they betray him. While everyone is still confused what’s happening between both of them.

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