Courtney Stodden celebrated her 26th birthday recently and opened up about her married life with Doug Hutchison! Check it out.

Just before her 26th birthday celebration, Courtney Stodden shared individual experiences about her previous union with entertainer Doug Hutchison.

The TV character thought back on her questionable individual life and profession by composing on Instagram Friday, “Ten years prior, I turned 16. Nothing could have set me up for what was around the bend. I had a kid’s psyche, a youngster’s body, and I was a virgin. Notwithstanding, it appeared to everybody around me that I was a lady who was become and ready to settle on my own decisions. As per many, I was ‘develop’ enough to date men my dad’s age (or more seasoned), and inevitably wed one.”

In 2011, Stodden, at that point 16, hitched The Green Mile star, at that point 51. The two met by means of email when Stodden connected about an acting workshop Hutchison was facilitating in Los Angeles. The previous couple messaged and talked on the telephone for four months and, as Hutchison disclosed to ABC News, when he learned she was 16, his “reality flipped around… . It would make me not like to leave, yet it certainly was a battle inside my heart … on the grounds that I had just begun succumbing to her.”

With the assent of Stodden’s mom Krista and father Alex (who is four years more youthful than Hutchison), the couple wedded in Las Vegas, Nevada. As of now, just three states forbid youngster marriage (including an individual younger than 18); the rest permit it with special cases, for example, parental consent.

“I was a virgin,” Stodden revealed to ABC News. “I realized that on the off chance that I kept that, I would truly be honored with an excellent blessing. Furthermore, God did. He favored me with my perfect partner. So I’m extremely appreciative for that.” In March, after numerous separations and cosmetics, the Celebrity Big Brother star posted a wedding photograph on Instagram declaring, “Today I am formally separated, I glance back at this image and feel totally exploited.”

In her Friday post, Stodden stated, “Thinking back, I presently perceive how frantically I hungered for my dad’s consideration.” And of Hutchison, she included, “I gave him my everything — my body, my brain, my heart, my spirit. Nobody halted me. Nobody stepped in and said this wasn’t alright. Rather, in the wake of accomplishing a sort of distinction I wasn’t ready for, the world turned into my jury.”

Stodden was continually discussed in the press and pummeled for her appearance and persona. “I concealed myself underneath a blondie cover, and in the end I lost my total personality,” she composed. “I was the casualty of rape, misuse and assault.”

In February, Hutchison disclosed to Fox News that while he didn’t lament wedding Stodden, he takes “full obligation” for the relationship. “She was 16 and I was 50, so I realized our association was going to stop people in their tracks, however I didn’t understand the effect it would genuinely have. I didn’t understand that in wedding Courtney, my director would drop me, my specialist would drop me. I was boycotted. I was torpedoed from projecting chiefs. I shot my vocation in the head for adoration.” He said the couple got passing dangers and scorn mail including, “We thought, “We’re enamored — manage it. On the off chance that you don’t care for, that is your right, however we’re infatuated.”

Since proceeding onward from Hutchison, Stodden was quickly associated with Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green, 47, after his May part from entertainer Megan Fox. In July, Stodden, who is additionally a vocalist, delivered a melody called “Reactions” on SoundCloud, propelled by her “snare” with Green. The excursion finished, she told the outlet, on the grounds that “Brian needed me to remain his little mystery.”

Half a month prior, Green opened up about his relationship with Stodden on Hollywood Raw web recording, clarifying that he had “no thought” of her past. At the point when he became familiar with her, he had “that snapshot of, ‘Gracious sh**. What have I done?!'”