Cobra Kai’ Star Mary Mouser Takes Us From ‘Signs’ Photo Double to ‘Karate Kid’ Franchise

Mary Mouser is one of the most loved star that fans always want to see on big screens after her phenomenal performance in the Karate Kid. And we cannot deny that Cobra Kai is also a special one. Well, Cobra Kai is not just a mere continuation of the Karate Kid but also an incredible show which was able to amaze its fans on YouTube for two wonderful seasons.

Cobra Kai already has a lot of popularity but this will get even more when the show will move to Netflix. Yes, you read it right. Mouser will be playing the role of Samantha LaRusso who is the daughter of Daniel La Russo played by Ralph Macchio. Russo taught her some basics about Karate when she was a small kid. However, she gets distracted from it in her teenage. But the most interesting part of the story comes when she gets infatuated towards the best student of Johnny Lawrence, played by William Zabka.

The next thing she notices is that she has got back her interest in karate and enters the world of competitive karate soon.

Cobra Kai’ Star Mary Mouser Takes Us From ‘Signs’ Photo Double to ‘Karate Kid’ Franchise 1
Credit: Ted Sun

Season one and two of Cobra Kai are available on Netflix for you to watch. It got released on 28th August, 2020. And we also got to see the actress in one of the recent episodes of Collider Ladies Night in which she talked about the possibilities of the third season and teased it in a way.

She also told that she was five years old during the Karate Kid filming and didn’t know what a photo double is. Her mother’s friend recently got her son into acting at that time and he was signed as her photo double. However, she was happy about the fact that she was on the sets.