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Christina Aguilera striped down to a cowboy hat and soaked down in 2021 with New Year’s Day bubble bath

The hot beauty Christina was recently caught having fun on Christmas at poolside in a bikini. But the five times Grammy winner was not done her with her beauty. Aguilera had more fun on New Year’s eve and welcomed the New Year with a huge bottle of champagne. She was holding Jay-Z’s Champagne brand Armand de Brignac.

Nobody, can literally imagine that Christina is 40 years old. Her beauty and positivity towards her body is nothing in front of her age. Well, coming back to her New Year’s celebration video and photos, Christina posted a everything on her official account of Instagram and Twitter.

In the video Christina pops up the big champagne bottle before posing along with it in the tub

Christina covered her chest with her arms and the boundaries of tub. People were not only stunned by her beautiful mind blowing poses but also the luxury bathroom Christina have. The bathroom was featured with matching marble walls and her bathroom’s floor was decorated with black and white tiles.

Christina is also seen in the video pouring herself with a glass of wine in the way you cannot even imaging. Probably, she is the most sensational woman alive on the earth, [gee!].

The Burlesque star also made her Christmas eve the best in comparison to everyone

Christina, ordered fake snow to decorate her poolside. She celebrated her Christmas with her fiancé Matthew Rutler who is 5 year younger than Aguilera. Christina also posted the picture on Instagram with Mathew and their children. She was scene wearing a Minnie Mouse Santa hat with her swimsuit.

The mother of two, also posted the photos of her children on Christmas. At last she also shared some glimpse with her husband.

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