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Chris Evans To Return To MCU As Johnny Storm In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness!!!

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm? Have we gone into a substitute timeline? No, however maybe Marvel is going to. You have most likely heard the rumors that Chris Evans is coming back to the MCU. One of those reputed appearances was for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In any case, according to the people at Giant Freakin Robot, Evans is being peered toward for two separate roles in the Doctor Strange continuation.

Is Chris Evans Really Returning To MCU?

According to their source who has come through for them before, Evans will play Captain Hydra in the film. This is something that was accounted for as talk beforehand, so that part isn’t excessively new. Notwithstanding, the power source likewise says that Evans will repeat his job as Johnny Storm from the old Fantastic Four films. Presently, nobody is saying that Evans will turn into the MCU’s Johnny Storm, there is only no chance. Nonetheless, Evans appearing as Storm in the craziness of the Multiverse, considering the wide range of various madness we have heard as of now, kinda bodes well.

chris evans as johnny storm in multiverse of madness

Basically, Marvel would be paying Evans for one appearance in Doctor Strange 2, however, make them play in any event two characters. I say at any rate, on the grounds that there is nothing to indicate Evans will not appear as an alt Captain America additionally, regardless of whether he is Captain Hydra for a period. Presently, as consistently we treat all rumors with a grain of salt, however, I right now have no motivation to question this information. GFR’s source has come through previously (Cheadle in Falcon and the Winter Soldier), and the Evans rumors started somewhere else before this.

Collaboration Is A Great Idea

Bringing in the Fox X-Men and Fantastic Four Universes, and the Sony Marvel Universe all into the MCU stresses me. Be that as it may, it is happening, indeed it has just occurred, and we need to confide in Marvel. Evans being back in the MCU, whether for a couple of motion pictures is incredible. He probably won’t be distant from everyone else either?

chris evans as johnny storm in multiverse of madness

GFR says that they have likewise heard Jessica Alba has been drawn closer to make an appearance as Sue Storm. That doesn’t really mean it will occur, Alba may not be sharp. The power source additionally conjectures whether the other previous Fantastic Four individuals could appear or not. Likely just for a comparable appearance as a gesture to fans? What do you think, would it be cool to consider Chris To be as Johnny Storm, even as an appearance. What other Multiversal madness do you need to find in the Doctor Strange continuation?


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