Check out Marlon Wayans’ latest tribute for his late mother Alvara, hidden inside an adorable birthday message. Check it out.

The actor recently lost his mother and has been paying tribute to her in a series of Instagram posts

Marlon Wayans is currently mourning the death of his mother Elvira, who died at the age of 81 earlier this month.

The actor and his mother shared the same birthday, and it was on July 23rd. Wayans wrote, “Losing you shattered me into 1000 pieces. I’m putting myself back together piece by piece. You will always be my glue. Miss you.”

Celebrating her life

The actor continued, that he will be celebrating for the both of them and talked about how much he had accomplished and how proud he made her.

In another post, he talked about how seeing her made him smile every time, and that he saw her in every woman, and can see the greatness they have within them. He ended it on a happy note and thanked her for gifting him with pure love.

Elvira Wayans was born in 1938, and had 10 children, out of which many joined the entertainment industry as writers, producers, and performers. Aside from Marlon, who became a successful actor and stand-up comedian, the other family entertainers are Keenen Ivory, Damon, Shawn, and Kim, and the writer category includes Dwayne, Elvira, and Diedre. The siblings had worked together on projects such as Im Gonna Hit You Sucks, Hollywood Shuffle, Mo’ Money, along with the Scary Movie franchise, and the comedy series In Living Color, which ran for five seasons.

Marlon spoke about his mother during an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2004, and said how his mother gave every child time and space to be the baby, and never left out anyone. They all called her an amazing and strong woman.


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