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Catfish’ host Nev Schulman shows his kindness towards a pregnant worker at Denver airport by paying her a huge tip.

‘Catfish’ have leaves $926 tip to pregnant worker in Denver subsequent to understanding his birthday is her due date.

A mother to-be is remembering her good fortune after she was laid off almost a month and came back to fill in as a worker, where she was given about a $1,000 tip that will help her during the pandemic.

By: Adi GuajardoPosted at 5:58 AM, Aug 06, 2020 and last refreshed 10:43 PM, Aug 06, 2020

DENVER — A mother to-be is remembering her good fortune subsequent to getting a liberal tip from “Catfish” have Nev Schulman, who has a similar birthday as her due date.

Zulia Reyes works at the Smashburger at the Denver International Airport. She’s been a worker for almost 10 years and has worked at the burger eatery for over a year.

She said she’s met superstars while working, however her association with Schulman took it to another level when he asked her when she was expected.

“I revealed to him Sept. 26,” she said. “He resembles, ‘That is my birthday.'”

Reyes is 32 weeks pregnant. The two snapped a photo and after Schulman left, Reyes found her a major astonishment on the table.

“The tip was $926 — for my due date, which is Sept. 26, which is his birthday,” Reyes said. “It means everything to my child and my family. We never anticipated that this should transpire.”

Schulman left a note toward the finish of the receipt perusing, “Well done on your infant young lady! Fingers crossed for 9/26, Nev.”

Through tears, Reyes conceded she had lost expectation on Monday.

“I had one of those days where nothing went directly for me at work,” she said.

Her significant other is jobless as they plan for the appearance of child Zulia. In April, Reyes was laid off for about a month from Smashburger. She felt help when she was gotten back to for work yet said she was “froze” of the danger of COVID-19.

Reyes said the great deed came during a period of scarcity and considered it a “favoring.” She said the additional cash will help with lease and infant basics.

Reyes said she connected with express gratitude toward Schulman on Instagram.

The virtual release of “Catfish” propelled on Wednesday. Reyes presently views herself as Schulman’s greatest fan.

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